FolkClub Ethnosuoni is a record label that has succeeded, during its first ten year of activity, to come to the fore in the panorama of the Italian Indie, particularly committed to folk and world music.

November 1999 – November 2009: a decade of work and great music that FolkClub Ethnosuoni celebrated with the Tenco Plate for Best Album in dialect, a prize awarded to “Napoletana”, the last of Enzo Avitabile's CDs, published in 2009, and also recent winner of the Loano City Award for Italian Traditional Music. These prestigious prizes follow another very important recognition, bestowed the year before: the Demo 4 Indies Prize for Best Independent Label, assigned to the Piedmontese label by the prestigious RAI programme conducted by Marengo and Pergolani and presented in occasion of the MEI 2008.

Furthermore, even though it is still quite young, FolkClub Ethnosuoni has, nonetheless, a great past behind them, that is filled with awards: it has, in fact, inherited part of the historic Robi Droli label and has enriched it with the experience derived from two consolidated realities: the FolkClub, from Turin, on one side, with its diverse accomplishments in the area of concerts planning and research activity, and EthnoSuoni, responsible for the artistic direction and for the organization of a number of musical retrospects and productions, on the other.

FolkClub Ethnosuoni was born and then grew up with the intent of making room for musical realities that gravitate in the orbit of folk music and its surroundings, coming largely from the universe of the Italian traditional music, never sufficiently valorized. Each Italian region represents, in fact, a cultural area in its own right, that can convey its own musical specificity and that affords a great variety of chants, melodies as well as instruments with popular and ancient roots.

There are no preclusions, in any case, in respect of the multiform international ethnic music scene. Quite the contrary, in fact! Back in 2009, FolkClub Ethnosuoni began to combine its everyday activity of discographic edition with that of import and distribution of records produced abroad with particular attention to the music of the Mediterranean, so rich in history and full of growing cultural exploits.

FolkClub EthnoSuoni, Via Duomo 3, 15033 Casale (AL) - Italy
tel. +39 0142 782182, fax +39 0142 590624

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